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    Commenting makes you lose more weight

    You read that right, however it’s not the act of commenting that will make those pounds shed. We have found that users who are interacting with other users are more successful in reaching their health goals.

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    A quarter of a million users on Twinbody

    We are very proud to announce that our family has grown a lot the last year. Actually, our twinbody family grown to double size within one year meaning that we now have reached a quarter of a million users on Twinbody!

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    Gabriela found her why and went for it

    Meet Gabriela and hear her story! She found the biggest motivator to lose weight and came out on the other side as a completely new person!

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    Should you share your weight loss journey with other people?

    “I’m doing this for me” is a powerful statement when going through a weight loss journey, but are you really better off going through your weight loss journey alone? We took a look at the science behind this.

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    Mindset was key for Monique

    Meet Monique and hear her story! She will tell you about her journey, what she was thinking and going through and how changing her mindset set her on the track to success! Keep being amazing Monique!

  • Twinbody News

    We’ve added 7 rock stars to our team

    I feel gifted.

    Not only do I work with an amazing community of genuinely health driven people, the last month’s we’ve also had the pleasure of welcoming 7 serious rock stars to our twinbody team.

    We are very proud to welcome everyone and I want you to meet them.

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    How Zach turned his life around

    Today we are meeting with Zach from the Twinbody community. Being at 500 lbs he made a life changing decision to turn bad habits to good ones and has now reached far beyond his goal weight. What a man!

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    Interview with the Danish sports commentator Casper

    A weight loss journey can make you happy, if you have strong motivation and a strong support network. Danish sports commentator, Casper, visited the Twinbody office and shared with us his experience in body transformation. Having a good trainer, completing regular workouts, eating healthy food and social medias helped him lose 26 lbs (12 kg) during 6 weeks. And he’s not done yet. Casper shared with us his opinion about the mindset, social media as an important part of weigh loss journey and promised to continue updating his results at Twinbody account.

  • Research

    Science of weight loss

    You would think a lot of people would want to lose weight and strive to be on the other side of the curve. But to the contrary, obesity rates are increasing and despite of the best of their intentions people are not succeeding in their weight loss efforts.

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    Meet Marissa (marissanicole)

    “Having a support system can increase your chances of sticking with this weight loss journey”,  Marissa Schwab

    twinbody username: marissanicole
    On twinbody she shares: Pictures of her meals,  great before and after shots of herself!
    Her twinbody Mantra: It’s okay to want something you love.

  • Tips

    Healthy friend diet – Surround yourself with people like yourself

    To be on a diet is difficult and we want to make it as easy as possible for us, so lets talk about one thing many people don’t think about. Did you know that weight gain is also something you can catch from your friends? Yes, like cold cough and flu, weight loss and gain is also contagious. It means that if your best friends are gaining weight there is a very high probability that you would too. That doesn’t sound fun, does it? So what is it that you need to do? Get yourself a healthy friend diet!

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    5 tips to turn your day around

    When you are starting on your weight loss journey, it is important to find the right motivation to stay on the track and keep going, even when things do not look so bright. Everyone has bad days, when they lose hope and feel that it is difficult stay strong and focussed. So what should you do then? Here we have picked out 5 tips from twinbody platform, for you to look at, when you have such a day.

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    Meet Dan (day_one_fitness)

    Today, we are very proud to present the story of Dan Grimsley, on our twinbody blog. Dan has one of the most amazing outlook towards life. We are so happy that he is a part of our twinbody community. He tells an amazing about how far he has come, the obstacles he faced and the way his will power and the community helped him move along. His experience shows how faith and constant effort can take you places, what’s more, when you give yourself to a community like twinbody, the love and support you get in return is incredible.

    We are so grateful that Dan and many others like him, are keeping are spreading love, support and are encouraging each other on twinbody. If you wish to follow Dan on twinbody, you can find him by searching for his username: day_one_fitness

  • Twinbody News

    We are celebrating 100,000 users!

    The countdown was on and we have been waiting. Finally, we are happy to announce that as of today, twinbody® has 100,000 users. It is a big day for us and a huge milestone! We are looking at it as an occasion to celebrate with the users who have helped us to get here. We want to thank our community that has helped us come so far, and we would love to see it grow.

  • Twinbody News

    Love is exactly 22 times bigger on Twinbody

    Just a quick stat from the TwinBody community: ‘Love’ is mentioned 22 times for every time ‘Hate’ is mentioned once in here – Stay awesome everyone!

    One thing that has been both uplifting as well as amazed me about creating Twinbody has been the immense amount of love and support expressed in the community – it’s like an avalanche that just keeps growing and growing. Good really leads good.