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Twinbody lets you target, track and share your diet progress with people just like yourself – we call them your twins.

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  • Mission Feel Good Now

    At Twinbody we want to make you feel great about your body as well as your body progress.

    We want to give you a platform that facilitates both the support and knowledge to achieve a healthy, pleasant and efficient weight loss matched with your body goals.

    We want to make you feel proud, happy and contend with how your body is today and where you want to go with it.

  • Values Celebrate Your Body

    We celebrate the human body and mind and are amazed at how they interact with each other.

    We value dieters giving positive support, constructive feedback and the encouragement for their fellow dieters.

    We treasure the effect that simple support and respect for one another has on both our body and mind.

    We believe that body change such as weight loss can be done collectively by sharing and appreciating each other’s body and body progress.

  • Beliefs Together We Can

    Dieting is more efficient and pleasant when the right people support you.

    Changing your body and creating lasting and healthy weight loss takes both mental support and physical knowledge.

    We believe that in order to change your body and create a healthy and lasting weight loss, you don’t just need the knowledge to diet the right way physically, you also need the mental support.

We are located in Scandinavia and working day and night on bringing you the best social weight loss experience.