Commenting makes you lose more weight

Commenting makes you lose more weight
February 4, 2020 Johan Dahlström

You read that right, however it’s not the act of commenting that will make those pounds shed. We have found that users who are interacting with other users are more successful in reaching their health goals.

More precisely we looked at users who are making 10 or more genuine comments on posts by other users, then comparing this group with users who make less than 10 comments. Both groups have been active on Twinbody for 6 months or more.

The group that sent more genuine comments gained a much higher “interaction score” as we call it, where we combine all interactions between users such as comments, likes, direct messages as well as posts they are tagged in. The higher “interaction score” the more likely you are to create true connections on Twinbody which will help and support you all the way through your journey.

So how much more weight does the social group lose? Our studies show that users who make 10 or more genuine comments lose 172% more than those who don’t. Perhaps you prefer to stay in the shadow and check out the many inspiring posts by other users on the Twinbody app? If that is the case, then we urge you to give it a shot to reach out to more users. This could be the missing piece to your weight loss journey.

Anyway, who has ever complained about receiving a genuine and positive comment from someone? 😊