A quarter of a million users on Twinbody

A quarter of a million users on Twinbody
April 11, 2019 Johan Dahlström

We are very proud to announce that our family has grown a lot the last year. Actually, our twinbody family grown to double size within one year meaning that we now have reached a quarter of a million users on Twinbody!

The ideas of Twinbody formed back in 2016, to give people an online social support when going through a weight loss journey or trying to maintain their weight loss. Twinbody has been on a long journey from the beginning and this is why it’s a very big deal for us to be able to say that we now have reached the 250.000 users mark and our active users have shredded on average 12.3% of their weight.

100% growth in one year

Twinbody has a strong organic user growth strategy and with the recent launch of our premium product we are able to attract more new users to the app. This has resulted in an amazing growth of 100% since 2018, but also a whopping activity in the app with lots of new users coming in every month making sure it’s even easier to find your body-twin on twinbody.

We are very proud of our community and we know our users have felt the support and love on twinbody. Our community is filled with amazing people, who keep sharing inspiring stories and makes it a safe place – free of judgement and negativity.

250.000 users is a great milestone for us, but we won’t stop here. We will continue to do our best to make the most supportive weight loss community in the world known to even more people to help them live healthy.