We’ve added 7 rock stars to our team

We’ve added 7 rock stars to our team
August 30, 2018 Jørgen Damgaard-Hansen

We’ve added 7 rock stars to our team

I feel gifted.

I already work with an amazing community of genuinely health-driven people, and in the last months, we’ve also had the pleasure of adding 7 serious rock stars to our Twinbody team.

We are very proud to welcome everyone and I want you to meet them:

Niklas is our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Niklas started programming at the age of 7 and hasn’t stopped doing it since. Ever since the birth of app platforms, he has been delivering amazing apps through some of the best agencies, and for big corporations and successful start-ups as well. We are very proud of our strong developer team and have been very careful in adding people to it since we didn’t want just anyone. We are so proud to have found this special person to take the lead. Bonus info: Niklas is also the proud owner of the Twinbody team’s only office treadmill, so he actually gets his daily step counts up while working at the office  — pretty cool huh!

Anja is our new product manager and health lead. Anja has a Masters degree in health science and more than 10 years’ experience working with improving people’s health. She has personally coached and advised more than 300 people with their weight loss, and has also worked on digital applications for health improvement.  Anja joined us because she loves our common health vision – she was tired of quick fixes and bogus industries that make any promise in order to increase their sales numbers, without giving enough space for health to evolve.

‘’At Twinbody we want to support and help you to create healthy habits that last forever instead of only for 4 weeks. Improvement and progress can be tough, but we can help each other to overcome by sharing feelings and experiences and encouraging each other.’’

Anja’s job is to ensure that Twinbody doesn’t just look pretty, work well and connect our users, but that it actually helps people reach their health goals.

Andrea is our new talent and community manager and was originally born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. We are just as protective of our team as we are about our community, and Andrea has the critical role of recruiting and developing talent at Twinbody. In other words, in order to join Twinbody, you have to get past our new Serbian gatekeeper and show that you are both an aspiring unicorn within your field and a genuinely good person. Andrea has a background in human resources in the digital, IT and e-commerce sectors, and she also takes lead on crucial projects to develop our community and product. Bonus info: Andrea is a ninja with the camera and if you need hiking tips in Europe, ask Andrea for advice!

Ivan is our new iOS developer and to be frank, probably the smartest guy at Twinbody. Not only does he deliver our iOS app to pixel perfection, he also masters numbers so well that he has been awarded a Ph.D. in mathematics. Ivan’s passion for programming started during his school years, and he finds software development to be inspiring and creative work that allows him to build useful things. He wants the code and user experience to be perfect, and he always aims to achieve it. Ivan lives a very active lifestyle outside of work, enjoying walks, bike rides, and swimming.

Yvonne is our new fitness and health coach and your quintessential #fitgirl. Originally from sunny California, Yvonne has been involved in team sports and contemporary dance since she learned how to walk. She now lives in wonderful Copenhagen in Denmark, where for the last 12 years she’s worked as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach. Yvonne loves to share her enthusiasm for a healthy, active lifestyle. So when she got the chance to work with Twinbody as a Health Coach, she jumped at the chance to reach and motivate many more people. She had a blast filming with the Twinbody team and looks forward to creating more fun content in the future. Fun fact: Yvonne is a dog-loving vegan. When she’s not at the gym, you’ll find her at home cuddling with her 2 dogs, Chewie and Guapo. Rumour has it that you will soon be seeing a lot more of Yvonne on Twinbody!😊

Daniel is our new senior Android developer. Daniel is originally from a forest region known as the “green lungs” of Poland. He started programming at a young age when his older brother got a Commodore 64 with a programming course included in the owner’s manual. Ever since then, he has never stopped programming. Daniel holds a degree in computer science. He loves to code, focusing on balancing the broad view with user value. Daniel loves the Twinbody concept of connecting and helping others to reach their goals because he himself went through the same journey. In his free time, Daniel cannot be still. He loves snowboarding, salsa dancing, and catching the wind in his sail with windsurfing.

Till is our new content manager here at Twinbody. With a dual degree in biology and nutrition, he knows his health! Originally from Germany, he is now located in Copenhagen with the Twinbody team. Till started to get into strength training when he was 16 and human biology has inspired him on his path ever since. After his school studies, Till started to get really interested in social media, photography, and videography. Today Till is on a mission to influence the lives of many people in the most positive way and to be part of facilitating a community that provides clear health value for other people. That is one of the reasons why he decided to join us at Twinbody.

I know you will all join me in welcoming these talented new members of the Twinbody team. Watch for the great things we will be bringing you soon!




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