How Zach turned his life around

How Zach turned his life around
February 7, 2018 Johan Dahlström

Today we are meeting with Zach from the Twinbody community. Being at 500 lbs he made a life changing decision to turn bad habits to good ones and has now reached far beyond his goal weight. What a man!

Twinbody name: mmazach
Start weight: 500 lbs (227 kg)
Current weight 148 lbs (67 kg)
Goal weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)

Do you remember the first day when you decided to begin your weight loss journey?

It was early December 2013, I was in the hospital in Daytona Beach where i had been admitted due to a recent stomach virus from food poisoning. I was sick. I was tired. My body was so run down at that point in time I had a vision or life for my family without me around. The idea of putting my wife and son through a life of struggling, hard times and forgotten memories was enough to lit my ass in gear or it would be reality. I was 500 pounds. I was on my deathbed and didn’t realize it till it was almost too late.

What was the most difficult time for you during the journey?

Losing weight wasn’t difficult, it’s having to fix the bandaids on my body after the weight was off is what has been and is the struggle still today. I’ve had pounds of my skin trimmed because the elasticity, and it is no longer able to stretch back due to my overall body size. I’ve had joints rebuilt, knees fixed, but it’s worth it because the path I was on never would have lasted this long in that life. Aside from my body I have to say readapting to society. I’m not ‘normal’ anymore, well on the inside at least. I’ve gained years of my life but I’m having to learn this new body now, where as my body looks like this, my mind is still adapting to how slim I’ve become, weaker I am, smaller area I take up, my balance has been a struggle through the years as I’ve had to relearn walking several times over.

Are you going to continue transforming your body?

I will never stop, not unless my body gives out. Even when I was stuck in bed for 80+ days, or in a wheelchair, on crutches for months I never stopped so I don’t plan to once my body is at 100% which it hasn’t been in sometime.

Do people recognize you in the street? If yes, what do they say?

The only people that truly recognize me in the street or in person are those who follow me in social media such as Instagram, Twinbody and Facebook. Or that are in the mix martial arts community that follow me for work purposes, by him I get called a celebrity a lot but I don’t feel like a celebrity. I’m tumbling to hear that coming from somewhere I’m at. 

Thanks Zach! Follow more of Zach’s journey on the app @mmazach