Interview with the Danish sports commentator Casper

Interview with the Danish sports commentator Casper
November 27, 2017 Johan Dahlström

A weight loss journey can make you happy, if you have strong motivation and a strong support network. Danish sports commentator, Casper, visited the Twinbody office and shared with us his experience in body transformation. Having a good trainer, completing regular workouts, eating healthy food and social medias helped him lose 35 lbs (16 kg) during 6 weeks. And he’s not done yet. Casper shared with us his opinion about the mindset, social media as an important part of weigh loss journey and promised to continue updating his results at Twinbody account.

Twinbody name: Ahlehoff
Current location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Start weight: 271 lbs (123 kg)
Current weight 236 lbs (107 kg)
Goal weight: 198 lbs (90 kg)

Why did you decide to change your body?

My life is pretty cool, I have lots of good friends, a sweet family, a house and a car. I have a good job with a great income. Was I happy? No, probably not, because of my body. I didn’t feel equal to others, couldn’t walk around with my shirt off and feel free. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot get other people to love you. It would be a utopia to think that I could go out and find a nice girl to be with, at least it wouldn’t be whole hearted. It couldn’t be loved if I am not feeling good with myself. So I realized that I had to do something to transform myself. I have tried hundreds of times, sometimes with success, I lost a lot of weight, but then I went back to the bad habits and gained weight again…

So what did you do to break this circle?

I had to find a sparring partner for the whole process. Sometimes you promise yourself to start “a new life” from Monday, but then on Friday you are eating sauce again. So I opened my social platforms and shared the weight loss journey, I began, by posting videos and pictures. I have lots of friends on FaceBook and Instagram, and they supported me. Now I am still in the process and people who think that I do a cool thing are extra supportive to me and give me a push.

Was it difficult to open your life for so many people?

Of course. I was putting myself under pressure, but it is helping me to show people that “I Can Do This”. And I know there are hundreds and even thousands of people in the same situation as me, but they are afraid to take the jump. And if I just inspire maybe 5 people to take their own weight loss journey, then I consider that a great success.

Do you have an account at the Twinbody app?

Yes, I do. The Twinbody community helps me stay motivated to continue the journey. If I can help somebody and get inspiration from others, it is worth gold for me. This is not just a three months project with a trainer in the gym, but a life long changing of habits.

How much weight are you going to loose?

44 lbs (20 kg) in 3 months. So far I lost 35 lbs (16 kg) in 6 weeks. It’s even better than I expected. I weighed 271 lbs (123 kg) but I hope to lower it a bit more.

What would you recommend to those who are just about to start their own weight loss journey?

It is all about the mindset. Everybody can say: “I want to loose weight”, but if you don’t have the willpower, then you cannot do it. So you have to understand what is important to you. You can of course convince yourself that being overweight is not important and your charm will help you through, but deeply inside you understand that it is not true, and you are building a facade. You take a picture and apply filters, which makes you look slimmer… I used to do it as well, but one day I have made my mind clear – my body is important for me and I really want to loose weight.

I am a super busy man; I have a full time job and work as a freelancer. If I can do it with my crazy schedule, then everyone can do it as well.