Meet Marissa (marissanicole)

Meet Marissa (marissanicole)
August 15, 2017 Johan Dahlström

“Having a support system can increase your chances of sticking with this weight loss journey”,  Marissa Schwab

twinbody username: marissanicole
On twinbody she shares: Pictures of her meals,  great before and after shots of herself!
Her twinbody mantra: It’s okay to want something you love.

Today we are going to hear from Marissa. She has an amazing twinbody profile, where she spreads positivity and good vibes. She shares pictures of her delicious home cooked meals that help her stay on her weight loss journey. We are big fans of the warmth and the love she brings to the twinbody community through her posts, pictures and comments. She brings in a oodles of personality to her profile and it’s not surprising  that she has over 1200 people following her, supporting and seeking motivation from her.

Who are your top 3 favourite people to follow on twinbody? What do you admire most about them?
To be honest everyone is my favorite! I love seeing everyone’s journey because it’s amazing to see what everyone goes through and how to get to where they want to go. I admire that they are all here and ready to support each other, because we are tired of being alone.

What is a fitness or health goal that you’re most proud of?
Most fitness individuals always start off with a extremely unhealthy relationship with food. I am proud of myself that I now have a healthy relationship with food. I am not scared of it. I understand that food is not my enemy.

Why do you use twinbody?
I love twinbody because when I was raised in the military overseas it was extremely hard to find a support system and honestly,  I never did. Most people in my school were skinny, therefore they thought that I was a joke. I felt like no one was going through this process like me. Having a support system can increase your chances of sticking with this journey, because you are not alone.

What is your biggest motivation?
My family is my biggest motivation. I want to have children with my husband one day and be able to run around with them. I don’t want to miss out on memories because I am not healthy enough to sustain it. It’s not fair to me family and to myself.

What and how often do you share things on the platform.
I love to share my food because there is this fad these days where carbs are unhealthy which is not the case at all. I don’t want people to be ashamed or scared of what they want because that just means they are human. You want that brownie? Then woman, go get it! Of course you don’t do that everyday but once and awhile it’s okay. It’s okay to want something you love. You only have one life to live and would you want to spend it pushing away everything that people claim makes you fat?

What advice would you share with someone who’s looking to keep motivated?
Motivation is not easy and if it was than all of us would look like twigs. I tell people losing motivation is normal because they feel ashamed of it. People need to remember where they started and say i didn’t think I was capable to the point where I am now but yeah I did it. Remember what you thought you wasn’t capable of and see that you did it. Remember who you felt when you got into those smaller clothes or when you turned down a unplanned food item. Remember where you started and why you started.

What advice would you give to someone new to the Twinbody community?
The number one thing when starting a fitness journey is to believe in yourself. It’s not going to be easy or quick but that the pride you will have later, knowing that you were capable an amazing process is worth it. Positive thinking is one of the success factors of this journey. If you hate yourself then nothing you do to improve your body can fix that.

Marissa DeRosa, Medical Support Assistant for Veterans and married to an active duty military member.