Meet Dan (day_one_fitness)

Meet Dan (day_one_fitness)
June 15, 2017 Johan Dahlström

Today, we are very proud to present the story of Dan Grimsley, on our twinbody blog. Dan has one of the most amazing outlook towards life. We are so happy that he is a part of our twinbody community. He tells an amazing about how far he has come, the obstacles he faced and the way his will power and the community helped him move along. His experience shows how faith and constant effort can take you places, what’s more, when you give yourself to a community like twinbody, the love and support you get in return is incredible.

We are so grateful that Dan and many others like him, are keeping are spreading love, support and are encouraging each other on twinbody. If you wish to follow Dan on twinbody, you can find him by searching for his username: day_one_fitness

His mantra: We are stronger than we think and can achieve much more than we think at times.

Here is his story:

At 51 years old, I had always led a pretty active life. Battling a weight issue most of the time but was able to keep it somewhat in check. I was active in scuba diving, working a full time job, and additionally going to college to earn my engineering degree. But then as it sometimes does, life and weight caught up to me. I found myself in congestive heart failure, on oxygen pretty much 24 hrs a day and struggling to just move around my house.

I was forced to retire on disability and found myself in and out of the hospital almost monthly.  I think the low point for me was when my Cardiologist said, “Dan you are not going to see another year at this rate”.  At that point, I was furious with him and at myself for getting in this condition.

Changes had to be made. Slowly but surely, I began changing my lifestyle. With the amazing support of my family and an amazing medical team progress began happening. I started off just using a hand bike to build endurance, eventually working up to a stationary bike then the treadmill. Five minutes and I was done! After putting in some hard work and many many days of wanting to stop I could see huge changes happening in my life and health. My starting weight was 502 lbs. That number still to this day does not seem real!

Today I weigh 198lbs. and my life has forever changed! Outside of the support I received from family and friends was the fitness center my wife and myself joined. We are members at the Simon family Jewish Community Center in Virginia Beach.

When asked about some of the tools I have used along the way to achieve my goals twinbody is one of the top! So many members have supported me in this journey and if asked to pick a few of my favorites I’m not sure I could! They ALL have been super. What I admire most about everyone I have come into contact with using the app is there is never any judgment. It’s always about uplifting thoughts and supporting each other in the good and bad times. I use twinbody daily. It provides an awesome level of motivation for me. Along with remaining healthy and the most important thing is that my fitness regime allows me to be around in the future for my young son. And I can’t think of a bigger motivation.”

The biggest thing I can suggest is to find your “why”. Meaning it has to be bigger than I want to lose 10, 20, 30 or 300 pounds. It must be bigger than that! Why do you want to lose the weight? Is it to be a better father? Mother? Spouse? Whatever role you have.

That’s important to discover and remember. Also set small attainable goals. Looking at the big picture at times can make it seem impossible to achieve. Always remember we are stronger than we think and can achieve much more than we think at times. Find a good support system it can be family, friends or online but that plays a very important role in all this. In closing this, remember to be patient and as always be happy and thankful for the life and abilities you have and use them to create a better you!”

Once again, we are so happy that you are a part of our community, we love and cherish your posts, keep the halo shining!