We are celebrating 100,000 users!
June 14, 2017 Johan Dahlström

The countdown was on and we have been waiting. Finally, we are happy to announce that as of today, twinbody® has 100,000 users. It is a big day for us and a huge milestone! We are looking at it as an occasion to celebrate with the users who have helped us to get here. We want to thank our community that has helped us come so far, and we would love to see it grow.

Our mantra is that a kind word, a sympathetic ear and an inhibition free conversation can work miracles, and so have we proved! The data on our app shows that for every conversation that is initiated on twinbody, a user loses 2 pounds.

We have seen that our community communicates through motivational posts, progress pictures, pictures of healthy meals that they have prepared or eaten. Through these conversations, likes and comments, you provide support!  It is not only pain simple likes or thumbs up.

There have been some amazing conversations on the app, for example, there have been times when we felt that a lot of our users needed to talk about that cheat meal that somehow happened on a Monday afternoon. It was so great to see the support and the pat on the shoulder, and a kind word saying, “It’s ok, get on it again”. Just the thought that we created a community to support a healthy approach to weight loss, and where someone is  always listening, is so uplifting!

We hope all of you enjoyed the ride so far and we will try our best to create a stronger even more vivid and supportive community. So far we have had over 500,000 comments and nearly 500,000 posts within the app, with a whopping 70,000 users, gained just this year! We are so proud of all the amazing people within our app, who keep sharing inspiring stories and and make it a safe place free of judgements to share our journey.


twinbody® facilitates users to support each other’s health journey and connect with like-minds across both body measures, body goals and dieting preferences. twinbody® is based in Copenhagen, Denmark with users in 193 countries. The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.