Love is exactly 22 times bigger on Twinbody

Love is exactly 22 times bigger on Twinbody
May 17, 2017 Jørgen Damgaard-Hansen

Just a quick stat from the Twinbody community: ‘Love’ is mentioned 22 times for every time ‘Hate’ is mentioned once in here – Stay awesome everyone!

One thing that has been both uplifting as well as amazed me about creating Twinbody has been the immense amount of love and support expressed in the community – it’s like an avalanche that just keeps growing and growing. Good really leads good.

Before Twinbody launched, I was honestly a bit afraid of how to handle different negations in the community. One side of it was spam and unrealistic advertising from different commercial angles and robots, which could potentially flood the community with ads promising one-size-fits-all miracle diets with everything from diet pills to wraps. Kind of like some other social networks like Instagram is currently undergoing, where the most popular fitness and weight loss channels are selling out for advertisement of various suspicious products. Another side, a more crucial side would be the community question whether people would really be supportive of one another, or if they would expect more from others than they give themselves.

Would everyone really show continuous support for someone they only know through the app? My fear is put in the grave a long time ago, but it still amazes me to see just how supportive everyone is. It is maazing to see how people lift each other up here. I think one of the main reasons for the enormous amount of support here, is that the network is personal, it’s a private account with your personal details on YOUR body, it is made for YOUR progress and fitted to YOUR body and YOUR body goals.

We will continuously push for making your connection more genuine with the right people in the community – to get a real connection with people just like yourself, on the same journey as you are. Let’s understand, respect, improve and treat our body in just the way it should be.
Stay healthy everyone.